Zero Waste

Zero Waste by 2020

SF State and the city of San Francisco are working toward the goal reducing trash levels to Zero Waste by 2020. As of 2009, SF State diverted over 71% of its waste from the landfill. Learn more at the San Francisco Environment's informational page on zero waste.


RecycleMania is a national recycling competition for colleges and universities that helps to promote waste diversion programs. Weekly reporting allows the schools to track their recycling rates and rank with other schools in the competition. This friendly competition aims to increase recycling and composting through student involvement.

Construction & Demolition Recycling

San Francisco recycles over 80% of all construction and demolition waste. Sunset Scavenger and Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Company are the registered haulers with the city of San Francisco responsible for disposing of SF State's waste. They transport construction debris to a modern recycling facility specifically designed to recycle wood, metal, sheetrock, and other construction waste.

SF Greasecycle

San Francisco Public Utility Commission's SF Greasecycle program is a citywide effort that diverts fats, oils, and grease, away from the sewers and recycling it into biodiesel, an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum diesel. San Francisco State is proud to participate in this program and collected over 18,000 pounds of grease from kitchens on campus in 2009.

Recycling Resource Page

Have questions on recycling? Please see our comprehensive Recycling Guide.