Climate Change

"The climate change crisis is happening now, impacting California in unprecedented ways, and affecting the health and safety of too many Californians." — Governor Gavin Newsom, Executive Order N-79-20

Highlights: Climate Change

GHG Emissions Dashboard

Please click the button to explore our GHG emissions inventory dashboard. 


These credits recognize institutions that conduct detailed inventories of their greenhouse gas emissions and work to reduce them. SF State conducts regular inventories and has a relatively low greenhouse gas footprint due to its mild climate and sustainable commute patterns. Though SF State has reduced emissions through efficiency projects and cleaner power, we have not earned points for emissions reductions through offsets.

Air and Climate Category:
Credit Status Points
Emissions Inventory and Disclosure (OP 1)  Complete 1.98 / 3.00
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (OP 2)  Complete 3.95 / 8.00