Library's Landscape Learning Laboratory

Surrounding the J. Paul Leonard Library is 7 habitat zones and 3 mixed garden, each one representing a distinct environment found in California. Our state is an area of incredible biodiversity, because of the variety of diverse habitats. From the moist dark understory in the of the giant Redwoods, to the arid desert climate in San Diego County. Plants had to become as diverse as our state and these environments provide a multitude of niches for native animals.

 The Library’s Landscape Learning Laboratory is an important tool to educate SF States students about California's native ecology. Also these gardens provide areas of relief for native animals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Take a Stroll around our Library and try to spy plants from your hometown.




Habitat Zones


Coastal Scrub

Southern Coastal Scrub

Foothill and Valley Riparian

Mixed Evergreen In The Coastal Range

Montane Riparian

Redwood Understory

Our Man-Made Landscape

Pollinator Perimeter

Rethink the Conventional Lawn

Habitat summaries created by Steven Serkanic Biology student 2012

and edited by Alexandrea Manuel Biology student 2015


Tours and Other Projects

Many classes use the Library's LLL to demostrate California Ecology and the diveristy of plants. If your interested in the getting an upclose look at these habitats take a self-guided tour. PDFof Self-guidedtour

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, so naturally there is one of the Library's LLL zones. The scavenger hunt includes a list of clues and a blank map of the library, which describes each habitat zone. This is a fun activity to test student's knowledge of habitats and basic plant necessities. In addition there are signs posted at each zone to help students figure out the clues. PDF of Savenger hunt