SF State is focused on reducing energy use on campus and procuring renewable energy. 

Current Initiatives

Energy Efficiency

SF State has surpassed its goal of reducing overall energy use by 15% by 2010 as compared to 2003. With funding from the UC-CSU-IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership, the campus has:

  • Saved 2,000,000 KW in annual consumption and 553 KW in demand through lighting efficiency upgrades.
  • Saved 1,000,000 KW in annual consumption and 70KW demand through building system efficiency upgrades.
  • Received over $1,000,000 in grants and incentives from PG&E for campus-wide energy efficiency measures.

Recent projects include hallway de-lamping, LED site lighting in parking lots, and HVAC upgrades in Creative Arts and Hensill Hall. 

Renewable Energy Commitment

SF State currently purchases 20% of its energy from renewable resources. Our goal, as stated in our Climate Action Plan, is increase renewable energy procurement to 33% by 2020. SF State's main campus uses electricity from Shell Energy North America and its residential properties use PG&E. Power content labels for these providers are available via the California Public Utilities Commission. 

Fuel Cell

SF State's on-campus fuel cell is a demonstration project in partnership with PG&E. The fuel cell is capable of producing 16MW of energy, or enough electricity to power 1,200 homes. The excess heat created in the process is captured and used to heat campus buildings. Waste water is collected and used for cleaning. 

Our Progress: Energy Dashboard

Despite increases in student population and the total square footage of campus buildings, SF State has stabilized its energy consumtption. The campus is currently evaluating ways to increase the percentage of clean energy it purchases. We continue to implement energy efficiency projects. This is an interactive dashboard. Please click the expand button to explore.