Green Cleaning Custodial Program

Green Seal CertifiedCampus Custodial Services uses Green Cleaning products in all buildings.

Green Cleaning utilizes no toxic chemicals, no heavy metals in floor finishes, and no aerosol containers. Special vacuums and other equipment are utilized to capture and remove dust and particulates from the buildings. The overall results are a much healthier working environment for employees actually cleaning and indoor air quality for building occupants and custodial staff. Green Cleaning also reduces the amount of harmful chemicals released into the natural environment.

Program Highlights:

  • All "daily cleaning" chemicals are Green Seal certified or environmentally preferable.
  • All restroom paper towels and toilet paper contain 100% recycled content.
  • Currently our trash can liners are 10% recycled content. We are currently researching and testing can liners with higher recycled content.
  • We are currently conducting a three building test on three different green floor finishes.
  • We have invested in floor machines that utilize fewer chemicals, clean more efficiently, and reduce labor intensive floor maintenance.
  • We have replaced disposable dust mops and mops with re-usable microfiber products. The Custodial Department has invested in HE (High Efficiency) and Energy Star washer and dryer to wash the microfiber mops and dust mops when they get too soiled.