Buildings and Landscape

"Working at SF State requires real estate and design teams to think beyond current building industry norms and code minimum design." — Sustainable Development Framework

Highlights: Buildings and Landscape

Green Building

San Francisco State is committed to building high-performing green buildings in all new construction and making our older buildings as efficient as possible.

Sustainable Landscape

SF State's Grounds department is cultivating a landscape that maintains urban biodiversity, minimizes water for irrigation, and prevents stormwater runoff.  

  • Our irrigation system uses moisture sensors and central controls to avoid water waste.

  • The Mashouf Wellness Center uses graywater to meet all landscape irrigation needs.

  • Bioswales -- landscaped channels that filter and absorb rainwater -- throughout campus minimize our impact on San Francisco's stormwater system. Check out the huge bioswale in front of the Mashouf Wellness Center!

  • Sustainable landscaping policies are outlined in our Landscape Framework and Forest Management Plan.

Planning + Design

Our Planning + Design team incorporates sustainability in every planning decision. This includes the Campus Master Plan, transportation planning, and designing how people move through campus. For updates visit


Buildings Category:
Credit Status Points
Building Design and Construction (OP 3)  Complete 2.50 / 3.00
Building Operations and Maintenance (OP 4)  Complete 2.00 / 5.00
Grounds Category:
Credit Status Points
Landscape Management (OP 9)  Complete 1.86 / 2.00
Biodiversity (OP 10)  Complete 2.00 / 2.00