Zero Waste by 2020

SF State is working toward becomming a Zero Waste campus by 2020. 

Current Initaitives

Recycling, Compost, and Waste Guide

Zero Waste means keeping everything out of the landfill. Have questions about recycling or compost at SF State? Please see our Recycling Guide.

Reuse & Donations

Before you trash it, donate it! See our Reuse and Donations guide

Construction & Demolition Recycling

San Francisco recycles over 80% of all construction and demolition waste. Construction debris is processed in a recycling facility specifically designed to recycle wood, metal, sheetrock, and other construction waste.

SF Greasecycle

San Francisco Public Utility Commission's SF Greasecycle program diverts fats, oils, and grease away from the sewers and recycles it into biodiesel. San Francisco State collects over 18,000 pounds of grease from kitchens each year.