SF State is committed to responsible use of water and the protection of our regional water resources. 

Current Initiatives

Water efficiency upgrades

SF State's Water Resources Management plan integrates water use, reuse, and groundwater infiltration on campus.
Water conservation activities include:
  • Installing new centrally controlled irrigation systems on lawns 
  • Reduced watering on selected lawns
  • Covering low-usage lawns with mulch 
  • Replacing old water fixtures with low flow models
  • Ongoing education and outreach
Ongoing water saving practices include:
  • 12,000 gallon capacity rain water harvesting system utilizing solar power for irrigation 
  • Rain gardens that divert 35,000 gallons of stormwater from storm drains into the ground 
  • Over 30,000 square feet of landscape planted with native, drought tolerant plants that reduce the need for water
  • Low-flow water appliances and metering devices

Our Progress

The campus has stabilized water consumption even though it has increased in square footage. SF State is aggressively pursuing opportunities to reduce water usage in landscaping and by collecting wastewater. This is an interactive dashboard. Please click the expand button to explore.