Water Conservation

"The Mashouf Wellness Center saves up to 600,000 gallons of water annually due to its greywater system."

Highlights: Water Conservation

SF State is committed to responsible use of water and the protection of our regional water resources. 

Water conservation projects:

  • Centrally controlled irrigation systems that optimize watering
  • Reduced watering on selected lawns
  • Planting drought tolerant and adaptive landscapes
  • Replacing old water fixtures with low flow models
  • Leak detection and monitoring
  • Ongoing education and outreach 

SF State also strives to provide protection of San Francisco's stormwater systems by preventing rainfall runoff. 

Stormwater management projects:

  • Bioswales throughout campus absorb rainwater, minimizing runoff
  • The Mashouf Wellness Center uses rainwater capture for landscape irrigation
  • New construction's effect on stormwater surfaces are offset by rain absorbing landscape

Water Usage Dashboard

Click button to view our water usage. 


SF State has been recognized as a Top Performer in the Water category in AASHE's Sustainable Campus Index. The university's high score in this category reflects low water use per capita, per building square foot, and per landscaped area. SF State earned an Innovation credit for calculating its water balance-- the amount of rainfall on campus compared to the amount of potable water used. Despite a high score, we have room for improvement. SF State will continue expanding its recycled water program and use landscaping with minimal potable water needs. 

Water Category:
Credit Status Points
Water Use (OP-21)  Complete 3.43 / 4.00 
Rainwater Management (OP-22)  Complete 2.00 / 2.00