Zero Waste

"In San Francisco, over half of what still goes in the landfill bins can be recycled in the blue bin or composted in the green bin." — SF Environment

Highlights: Zero Waste

3-Bin System

SF State's standard waste collection system is installed throughout campus. Each contains recycling, compost, and waste bins. For information on how to recycle and compost visit our Zero Waste Guide.

Green Gator Guide

Reduce your personal waste with the Green Gator Guide by learning how to pick sustainable products and lower your carbon footprint. 

Compost collection in restrooms

SF State has added compost bins in restrooms to provide convenient collection points for food waste and other compostables. 

Water bottle filling stations

SF State has installed water bottle filling stations throughout campus to make it easy to ditch single use plastic bottles. Filtered water is available in almost every building on campus. View a map of bottle filling stations.


Zero Waste Category:
Credit Status Points
Waste Minimization and Diversion (OP-18)  Complete 3.06 / 8.00
Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion (OP-19)  Complete 0.88 / 1.00
Hazardous Waste Management (OP-20)  Complete 1.00 / 1.00