About Us

The Office of Sustainability helps integrate sustainability, resilience and equity into San Francisco State University’s academics, planning, operations and student activities. Our department was formed in 2008 to coordinate the President's Climate Commitment and implement the University's Climate Action Plan. Our newest Climate Action Plan, launched in January 2024, acts as our guide to highlight our past sustainability achievements and makes a detailed action-oriented plan for the climate action goals we wish to accomplish in the future. We often collaborate with other departments on campus to make sure sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at SF State, from academics to running the campus. Our greatest goal is to serve our students, making sure their opinions are heard and equipping them with the resources they need to progress climate justice on campus and beyond. 

Office of Sustainability Team

Caitlin Steele
Caitlin Steele, MBA, LEED AP
Director of Sustainability & Energy
Taylor Mogavero
Taylor Mogavero
Climate Action Coordinator