How We Commute

We recognize that San Francisco State University is a commuter school and most of our students do not live on campus. This is why we want to provide the best possible transit experience for our students, while being mindful of our greenhouse gas emissions

  • Started in fall 2017, the Gator Pass program is available to all students through their OneCard. Gator Pass provides free, unlimited rides on Muni (excluding cable cars), unlimited rides on SamTrans and 50% discount for your rides on BART to and from Daly City Station during the fall and spring semesters. Gator Pass is funded by student fees, each student pays $180/semester. 
  • SF State is currently a participant of the Clipper BayPass Pilot Program. Clipper BayPass is a regional transit pass that provides unlimited free access to all Bay Area transit systems that use the Clipper system. We currently have 9,000 students enrolled and plan to offer it to all our students very soon! 

  • We encourage you to bike to campus! SF State strives to be as bike-friendly as possible. We have several biking rotes through campus and biking cages to safely store your bike which can be found on the biking parking and routes map. Register for bike cage use and find more about biking on SF State here. Keep your eye out for the new bike lane being installed by the Lake Merced Quick-Build Project on Lake Merced Blvd!

  • SF State is part of the public bicycle sharing system, Bay Wheels and has several stations on campus where you can rent bike and ride them throughout San Francisco. Find a bike sharing station near you using the Bay Wheels map.  

  • Electric vehicle charging stations can be found throughout campus. SF State offers a reduced charging rate of only $1.00 per hour with no hourly limit for the SF State community. As of 2024, there are 40 charging stations on campus: 4 stations in Lot 2 and 36 stations in Lot 20. All day-pass and semester permit holders can park in these lots.

  • We conduct detailed Campus Transportation Surveys every 3 years. Our latest survey was conducted in May 2023. From our May 2023 survey results, 64% of students, faculty and staff take public transit, bike, walk, or carpool to campus! See below for preliminary results.

  • Our Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan guides our efforts to shift towards sustainable transportation. Click here to read the latest TDM Plan. The newest TDM plan will be published in 2024.
  • SF State's facilities fleet was transitioned to primarily electric vehicles in 2018.

How You Can Commute to Campus


You get unlimited Muni and SamTrans rides and 50% off BART trips to and from the Daly City Station during the fall and spring semesters with your Gator Pass! Every student has a access to the Gator Pass through their OneCard (student ID). Learn how to activate your OneCard here


You can use Commuter Check to save money on your commute via public transportation to campus. The benefit works by allowing you to deduct up to $300 monthly out of your paycheck pretax to use for public transportation. Learn how to sign up for Commuter Check here



We encourage you to bike to campus! View our biking parking and routes map.

Don't have a bike? No worries, use bike sharing through Bay Wheels! There are four Bay Wheels bike stations near campus (with both regular bikes and e-bikes) and you can pick-up/drop-off the bikes at any Bay Wheels station in the city. Check out the Bay Wheels map to find a station near you. 

Bus with Muni or SamTrans

Your Gator Pass gives you free, unlimited Muni and SamTrans rides! There are several Muni and SamTrans stops on campus that have routes throughout the peninsula. See the Muni routes and stops through San Franciso County. See the SamTrans routes and stops through San Mateo County.

BART to Daly City

Take BART to the Daly City station for 50% off with your Gator Pass then take the 28 Muni bus to campus for free with your Gator Pass. 

Electric Vehicle Charging

Driving your electric vehicle to campus? We have charging at a fantastic rate! SF State offers a reduced charging rate of only $1.00 per hour with no hourly limit for the SF State community. You can find EV charging stations in: Lot 2 (4 charging stations) and Lot 20 Parking Garage (36 charging stations). All day-pass and semester permit holders can park in these lots. 

bus stop

Climate Action Goals

Updated January 2024

  • Reduce student drive-alone rate to under 30% by 2030 (currently at 41%) by getting the Clipper BayPass for all students.
  • Reduce employee drive-alone rate to under 50% by 2030 (currently at 63%) creating incentives for staff and faculty.
  • Increase overall bike and walk to campus to 15% by 2025 (currently at 13%) due to an increase of on campus housing (adding 750 beds) starting in August 2024 and the building of the Lake Merced bike line by the City of San Francisco.
  • Transition fleet and grounds equipment to zero emissions, excluding public safety patrol vehicles if necessary, by having no new addition of gas-powered light duty vehicles to the fleet. (CSU Sustainability Policy)


Scenic Biking Route from SF State

SF State is located in a great area for biking. Take this 15-mile scenic biking route that starts and ends at SF State! Need a bike? Use the Bay Wheels bike rentals located at the Start/Finish.

Transportation Report 2023

These are the initial results of the transportation survey conducted in May 2023. Students and employees where asked how they got to campus and greenhouse gas emissions were calculated based on these results. The full results are planned to be released in the 2024 Transportation Demand Management report.

Transit graphs
Modes of Transportation vs GHG Emissions graph

AASHE STARS Score 2023

Transportation Category:
Credit Status Points
Campus Fleet (OP 15)  Complete 0.59 / 1.00
Commute Modal Split (OP 16)  Complete 3.62 / 5.00
Support for Sustainable Transportation (OP 17)  Complete 1.00 / 1.00