Take Action

Every member of the SF State community plays a part in helping the University reach its sustainability goals. Make a difference by engaging in a student group, joining a committee, or reducing your campus footprint. 

Join sustainability organizations and committees

Earth Day at SFSU

AS Environmental Resource Center

The Associated Students Environmental Resource Center leads student sustainability initiatives. Volunteer, apply for internships, and attend their events.

Climate HQ

Climate HQ

Climate HQ was created to empower SF State's diverse students, staff, and faculty to become Climate Justice Leaders. They created the Climate Change Certificate which open to students of all majors.

Sustainability tour sfsu

Campus Sustainability Committee

The Campus Sustainability Committee sets goals for the campus, creates new sustainability initiatives, and monitors our progress. Members include students, faculty, and staff. 

BART train at sunset at Daly City

Transportation Demand Management Committee

The TDM Committee works to encourage sustainable, safe, and convenient commutes to campus. Members include students, faculty, and staff. 


Get involved with campus sustainability 

student field researcher


SFSU student measuring plants

Faculty & Staff


Reduce our campus footprint 

Make campus more sustainable through simple everyday actions. Have a tip you don't see here? Email us at sustain@sfsu.edu

Walking, biking, riding transit, and carpooling are powerful ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Learn what goes where in the 3-bin recycle/compost/landfill system and how to donate your old items with our Zero Waste Guide. Reduce your personal waste with the Green Gator Guide by learning how to pick sustainable products and lower your carbon footprint. 

Turn off lights, printers, and other electronics in your office or residence. This saves energy and money while reducing our carbon footprint. 

Check out the Sustainable SF State training below!

Reduce your waste by refusing single use items. Bring your own bottle, mug, bag, and utensils-- most campus food vendors give a 25¢ discount for bringing your own! No plastic bags or straws are offered on campus.

Bring a reusable bottle or buy one on campus. Then refill at one of the several filling stations on campus

Learn how to donate and find used items on campus.

If you spot a water leak or a heater or lighting malfunction on campus, please report it to Facilities. You can help reduce costs and conserve resources. 


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Request a presentation for your class or meeting. We can provide sustainability trainings, class project collaborations, and guest lectures. 

Have a great sustainability idea that we haven't tackled yet? Suggest a new sustainability project and work with us to make it a reality.