Reuse and Donations

You can keep your unwanted stuff out of the landfill by donating it. Find something you need that someone else wants to get rid of. 

Personal Items

Browse or post listings on the SF State Free & For Sale Facebook group.

Find a Goodwill Donation box on campus. Goodwill accepts clothing, electronic devices, and more

Sustainable Move-Out: Residential Students can bring non-perishable foods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothing and more to Sustainable Move Out in May. 

University Property

Join the campus reuse email list and Microsoft Team to browse unwanted items and post your own items to share. 

If your unwanted item is University property with a SF State Property Tag, visit the Property Office website and fill out a Property Survey Request form.

For large amounts of used material, the Property Office can coordinate donation when possible or post items on the Public Surplus website for auction.  

If it can't be donated, visit our Recycling, Compost & Waste guide.